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The Rise of Bitcoin Continues, Here are the Reasons for the Last Increases!

We have compiled the possible reasons for the recent increase in Bitcoin (BTC) price.

Original crypto-money Bitcoin (BTC) has made a remarkable performance in recent weeks, bringing its price to $ 7,000 . BTC, which has increased by almost 80% since December, excites its users and attracts many people. Brad Sherman, one of the most prominent political figures of the United States, is calling the cryptos the last sentence. Sherman said in a statement about our news and the market’s echo from this connection can be found. What are the possible reasons for the recent increase in BTC ?

Causes of Bitcoin Increase
Bitcoin-led crypts have achieved a very good acceleration over the last three months. Although the Altcoins showed a worse performance against the BTC, the total value of the market exceeded 210 billion dollars. Let’s look at the possible causes of this increase, based on what is spoken in the community.

The reason for the increase in Bitcoin is the bitcoin half-life (halving) . As is known, the BTC supply in the market is limited to 21 million and the prizes given to miners are reduced by half every four years. The next half process will take place in 2020 and now the block award of 12.5 btc will fall to 6.25 btc. This would slow down the process of placing remaining BTCs on the market, making existing BTCs more valuable and increasing the price.

Institutional Investors in Game
In the coming weeks, a company called Fidelity Capital will launch a move to bring institutional investors into play. It is said that this development triggered the increase in price. In addition, the two major stock market players of the United States entered the market among the issues discussed. This situation increases the price of BTC is expressed.

FOMO (fear of opportunity) is also among the factors causing the price to increase, according to experts . An investor can profit from an asset that makes a large percentage of profit. Finally, it is possible to think that the big steps of the market such as Facebook or Nike might have affected the prices.

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