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The world needs 3 million cyber security experts

New technologies are developing, the area of cyber threat is expanding, but the number of people who have cyber security skills to respond to this is growing pains. According to information compiled by ESET Senior Security Investigator Stephen Cobb, the global cyber security staff is close to 3 million. The biggest deficit is in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
The global cyber security staff deficit seems alarming. Certified Cyber Security Professionals Association, which has gathered experts from various countries, the ISC published a total of 2.9 million copies in the study. According to the study announced by.

ESET , the biggest expert shortage is experienced in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Growing economies, technology-developing companies and new data privacy legislation in the countries of the region is open to 2.14 million people said. Asia-Pasifk region, 498 thousand people, according to North America is followed. Open, 142 thousand in EMEA region covering Europe, 136 thousand people in South America.

According to Stephen Cobb, Senior Security Investigator, who is himself a CISSP certified information systems security expert, ISC’s review does not exaggerate the need for global cyber security skills. Cobb, who suggested that these figures should be taken seriously, veya In my own research in 2016, the rate of those who thought that finding the right cyber security skills was moderate or very difficult was 83 percent.

ESET Security Expert Cobb, ISC report continued as follows: The last ISC report, 63 percent of the participants ‘lack of staff in the field of cyber security’ was passed in their organization. In addition, 60 per cent of their organizations ‘this risk of cyber attacks in the middle and advanced level due to lack of staff’ he said.

What does enough people mean?

According to his observations, Stephen Cobb thinks that countries and companies are not able to show the necessary efforts to attract enough people to the cyber-security profession and that they are insufficient to ensure that people have the right skills. Cobb continues: den Moreover, estimates of what ‘sufficient people’ are made of cannot keep pace with the pace of development and expansion of technology. In general, every new device connected to the Internet increases the number of potential attack areas. As these devices are new compared to tried and tested technologies, the level of skill required to protect them also increases. These devices, which represent new technology waves, from drone devices to intelligent sound systems, smart homes, cars, and even serverless applications,

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