‘They stole my bitcoins’, he said, stock market didn’t get any response

A user from the leading crypto money exchange Huobi suggested that the stock market led to the stealing of 5.4 Bitcoin in a security vulnerability.

A Chinese crypto money investor has recently claimed to have stolen 5.4 Bitcoin in the account of a security vulnerability in Huobi, one of the leading crypto-money exchanges. However, Huobi did not take responsibility for what happened.

The Chinese crypto currency investor, known by the Ding ancestry, wrote in the widely used cryptocurrency forum in China that the Huobi account, which included crypto money worth 140,000 yuan , was attacked on January 13th. The event noticed that when the SMS from the exchange received notification that Google Authenticator (GA) two-step authentication was set. The novice investor had never enabled Google Authenticator in his account.

Ding failed when he tried to log in to Huobi account. After a short time, he reached the stock exchange support service and told the event. Huobi’s customer service representative told him that the trader had entered his account with a new IP address and converted his altcoins to 5.4 Bitcoin and that he had assets before freezing the stock account.

Ding insisted that the stock market should assume responsibility because Huobi did not lose any phone and directly clicked on any link to the phishing site.

The Chinese investor said,I just want to get my money back. The stock market can’t leave me alone when my crypto coins are stolen for no reason.

In a statement to the forum, Huobi refused to compensate for the loss, saying the stock market was safe and that its activities were in line with the verification requirements. The stock market is due to Ding’s visit to a phishing site. Ding asked the police to inform the stock exchange, the police will help the investigation was passed.

On the other hand, law enforcement officials suggested that the money stolen to the Chinese investor was hard to follow with only one public key and returned to the stock market.

Huobi’s reaction and attitude made him angry. The Chinese investor’s article in the forum received over 640 comments, read 44500 times, and launched a hot discussion in the Chinese crypto-money community.

Another forum user found Ding’s account pretty vulnerable because he didn’t activate Google Authenticator and didn’t bind his email address.

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