This Time someone Said Who Satoshi Nakamoto Is

One of the developers of Bitcoin Cash suggested that the name is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Original crypto-money All crypto enthusiasts know that the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto , the creator of Bitcoin (BTC) , is not certain. However, this issue sometimes leads to various debates and prominent claims. We shared with you the allegations that Craigh Wright, who was nicknamed “fake Satoshi”, was the founder of Bitcoin . This time he said that Amaury Sechet is Nakamoto. However, it is not clear whether Sechet’s statements are serious or not.

Charitable Dictator
The crypto money world was shaken once again with the allegations of someone saying that it was Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Amaury Sechet owns these claims. Sechet, who previously described himself as a uygulam benevolent dictator, Se was the first BCH implementation of Bitcoin ABC. Sechet shared Satoshi Nakamoto on Twitter. However, it is not known whether Sechet is serious or not. According to the news published by the CCN on the subject, it might be a little joke to the famous developer Wright.

Fake Satoshi
Gregory Maxwell, one of the developers of Bitcoin Core, made evaluations. According to Maxwell, it is not difficult to detect fake Satoshi. Maxwell pointed out to the notorious Craigh Wright who claimed to be the founder of BTC in the past. Wanting to prove that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, Wright’s Foyas came into being soon. However, we are still witnessing those names who claim to be Satoshi, however, some users are convinced of this or that they are getting premium from such claims.

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