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Trader’s 13,000 ETHs have been usurped

Trader’s 13,000 ETHs have been usurped

The South Korean-based crypto money exchange, which is in the ICO phase, has escaped by robbing 13,000 ETHs of investors.

According to Blockchain ROK, a new crypto currency exchange named Pure Bit in the ICO phase, which was to be opened, closed at least 13,000 ETH of investors.

As proof of fraud, BROK said the CEO of the exchange has changed the popular South Korean social media network to ‘sorry’ in Kakao. You cannot access the stock via the domain.

The Facebook page of the platform has also been removed.

Pure Bit used the same model as Binance and other crypto-money exchanges to fund its platform . Pure Coin owners were offered a reduction in the share of the profits from the profits as well as the purchase and sale of shares.

Looking at the contractual address, there are currently over 13,000 ETHs worth around $ 3 million in the ICO, which has been eliminated. Like some legitimate ICOs, it became clear that funds were not locked in a smart contract.

Finally, even though the stock market has been closed, it is possible to reach the final form via Web Archive .

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