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Train running on block chain!

An interesting example was the LEGO Duplo remote control train block chain projects that increased or decreased the speed of the network. Moreover, only amateur initiatives were achieved.

Train running on block chain

While the world of crypto money has been crying in recent months, interesting projects are taking place on the block chain. Developers who made a giant toy whale moving to crypto donations some time ago have now prepared a toy train running on the block chain.

Interesting study logic!
Roeland P Lanparty , a block chain engineer who bought a LEGO Duplo train to his child , saw that the train offers Bluetooth connectivity for control. After doing some research, he understood that he could use the train for an interesting project.

Instead of implementing LEGO with a reverse engineering application, Lanparty had a chance to customize motion commands by examining the projects he found on the internet. Then the STEEM blocks the block chain .

When the block chain is used intensively, the train is accelerating. The rate of use at thought is also slowing down the train. The speed is adjusted according to the average transfers per block in the network. Thus, an automatic control system is created.

Lanparty also can adjust the speed according to the number of users included in the network. On the other hand, it was unable to adjust the train speed for very high or low usage. Thereupon Lanparty put a speed limit.

Block chain technologies are mostly invested in finance and security, but amateur entrepreneurs like Lanparty show that these technologies can be used in a project in the living room.

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