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Tron CEO Announces New Meeting with Buffet

The Tron CEO announced his need for help at the highly anticipated Buffet-Sun meeting…

Justin Sun , CEO of Tron, said he would need the help of leaders in the entire crypto-money ecosystem for lunch with Warren Buffet . The CEO was able to arouse curiosity by announcing his announcement before announcing his meeting with Warren Buffet.

Cryptos and Traditions
According to Bitcoinist, Justin Sun announced that Yahoo! During his interview with Finance, he made some statements about his lunch with Warren Buffet. Sun paid $ 4.56 million at the annual charity auction for this dinner, adding that his project should not be the focus of the meeting. The CEO of Tron said:

We want this lunch to be a bridge between the crypto currency world and traditional investors. That is why I would like to invite all leaders in the Blockchain industry to communicate more, which will benefit both parties.

As it is known, Sun focuses heavily on the promotion of the Tron platform and the TRX token with its stance on crypto currencies . In addition, Sun often criticizes the leaders of other Blockchain networks, such as the Ethereum.

Interesting Meeting
In addition to this date, Buffet will be the older party. This is another interesting criterion that makes the interview interesting. 88-year-old Berkshire Hathaway CEO is known for his negative attitude towards Bitcoin. Buffet has recently described Bitcoin as a “rat poison”, a “gambling instrument” and şey something that should not be invested ”.

Justin Sun, on the other hand, is aware that it is very difficult for Buffet. Be aware that this is, “Just to convince Buffet crypto receive money within three hours is not a realistic expectation” is expressed in words.