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Tron CEO Justin Sun made a statement to please the users


In an interview, Tron CEO Justin Sun made a statement to please the users.

In an interview with Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun, he announced that they will integrate the zk-SNARKs feature in Zcash into the Tron and give the first quarter of 2019 the date. With the zk-SNARKs feature, Tron users will be anonymous and have a great privacy option.

Justin Sun said that social media platforms and search engines earn money on user data and that users of these platforms think it is a privacy violation.

People don’t want their privacy to be stored by Facebook or Google because these data can be easily manipulated and ads can be placed in front of people. You don’t want to share your data with them. That’s why I think the decentralized method is a good way to achieve this (and limit the amount of information sharing).

In the first quarter (2019), we will integrate zk-SNARKs into our network. This way we can increase privacy across the network. If you want these confidential transactions and confidential addresses, we can guarantee that they will not be able to see you and that the transaction cannot be tracked.

zk-SNARKs is a new form of zero-knowledge cryptography. First of all, the secrets of secrecy, popularized by the privacy-oriented Zcash, are currently being used in different crypto-money projects.

With this feature coming to Tron, there will be some interesting changes. For example, users can ‘override’ transactions, ie encrypt transactions. If the feature runs smoothly, TRX users will be able to store information such as the amount of the transaction, sender and receiver.

Justin Sun emphasizes that this feature will be the choice:

We offer a different solution and you can choose something different depending on your preference (whether or not to use zk-SNARKs).

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