Tron CEO Talks About BTT

Tron CEO Justin Sun answered questions about Tron and BitTorrent.

Tron CEO Justin Sun talked about BitTorrent and BTT token, and explained why BitTorrent was working with BTT instead of TRX .

BitTorrent Token
Sun attended an event where the followers would answer all their questions. Tron bought BitTorrent on June 24, 2018. On January 28, 2019, the public offering of BTT tokens was held. At the same time, Tron distributed the BTT tokens to TRX owners. BTT was listed on large stock exchanges and initially increased highly. Justin began by saying that BTT’s popularity in the long run would not fall:

BitTorrent has 100 million active users in total. This figure has not fallen since 2003. That’s why I’m sure BitTorrent will remain popular. BTT is a project that can go beyond high expectations.

Sun then explained to the TRX owners why they distributed BTT:

This program is a long-term step that will enable our users to reach our products. We don’t just distribute TRX token, we also offer BTT tokens for those who download BitTorrent. We will enable 100 million active users to meet crypto coins and experience this with BTT tokens.

BTT and Tron
The CEO of Tron also spoke about future bulls:

Some of BitTorrent users are not crypto money users, we want to introduce them to crypto coins. Nevertheless, these users have the same features as crypto-money users, are interested in decentralized technologies and are using technology from peer to peer. In addition, the majority of BitTorrent users are men between the ages of 25 and 35, people in this category are very interested in crypto coins.

Why Sun BTT is not based on Tron?

BitTorrent’s user base is huge. Therefore we could not provide enough token without diluting the TRX value. TRX is used in Tron Blockchain, and BTT has been created to be used for resources. Because they are BTT TRC-10 token, they look alike.

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