TRX token will be traded on two exchanges

TRX is listed on BitMart and ABCC exchanges. ABCC users are also awaiting a promotional surprise.

Tron – BitMart partnership results will be listed on the TRX stock exchange. There are 161 trading pairs on the BitMart exchange.

ABCC, which has been active in more than 120 countries and has 12 language support and has begun to announce its new name, will list TRX token. The stock market has a daily trading volume of about $ 40 million. Tron also launched a special promotion for ABCC users to promote TRX transactions. Let’s look at the details of the two-week promotion .

Between 3 December – 10 December, the stock exchange will give users TRX listing bonus. Users who are new members of the stock exchange will receive 4 USDT awards if they deposit at least 15 thousand TRX. The Strate ABCC Transaction Strategy Competition 12 will be held between December 5 and December 12. The winner of the competition will receive 2.000 USDT, 2. 1.000 USDT. The list of 3-10 will be divided into 1,000 USDT, 11-20 to 500 USDT.

The surprises of Tron and ABCC are not over. A campaign will be held between 10 December and 17 December. Under this campaign, users with a total transaction volume of more than 20 thousand TRX will be rewarded with TRX tokens. Here, too, the histle that gives the money tam rules will be processed and the first full 200 thousand TRX will be awarded. The second one will go to 100 thousand TRX and the ones listed in 3-10 will share 100 thousand TRX. Between 11-20 will share 50 thousand TRX.

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