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Twitter CEO’s Support for Bitcoin Lightning Network

Jack Dorsey added that adding Lightning Network to Square was just a matter of time.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that Bitcoin Lightning Network ‘s payment and wallet application will be used at Square .

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Speaking to Stephan Livera podcast , Dorsey evaluated Lightning Labs’ CEO Elizabeth Stark and Lightning. Dorsey was asked about the adaptation of the Square Cash application. Twitter CEO Lightning Network will definitely use this is a matter of time, he said. A few days ago, Jack Dorsey was personally involved in a test with users using the Lightning Network.

We focus on how we can increase transparency so that things can go forward. We are trying to become better citizens. We need to make sure that this community can reach their goals without putting a company on their load.

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The Lightning Network continues to grow, increasing the number of users and the number of nodes. Although the interface has not been developed, it continues its output. Jack Dorsey, as well as several other prominent names, introduced the project to people. Elon Musk was one of them. Dorsey also expressed his confidence to Bitcoin many times and expressed that Bitcoin would become the currency of the Internet . He stated that instead of creating Dorsey Altcoin, it was possible to develop Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the currency that wants to be the most crypto money, he added.

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