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Unusual Bitcoin Estimation:BTC price may rise up to $ 500,000

BTC price may rise up to $ 500,000 when Adam leaves back Bitcoin gold.

Crypto coins fell to the lowest level of the year due to the downtrend that started on November 14, 2018. The bitcoin price dropped to $ 4,400, while other crypts also lost value. Bobby Lee, one of the names of the community, made a statement about the subject.

He is the brother of Charlie Lee, founder of Bobby Lee Litecoin, the founder of digital asset company BTTC. Bobby, who shares on his Twitter account, features intriguing phrases. The famous entrepreneur, BTC, once again draws attention to the claims that the value-added tool commonly used worldwide is the digital equivalent of gold. However, it is clear that Bitcoin is very low compared to its current market value.

Underlining the unique features of Bitcoin, Bobby Lee has made extraordinary predictions for the future of the crypto money. BBO is a rare, no-limit, uncensored and transparent value storage tool. According to Lee, BTC can leave the gold behind.

What makes Bobby Lee’s statements more interesting is Block Back CEO Adam Back, who responded to these Twitter posts. Back to the long-term forecasts made by Lee in the positive direction Back with his comments gave a different dimension to the event.

Looking back at the fact that the BTC left behind a real bakan flappening,  Back made an attractive price forecast. According to Back, BTC is likely to trade gold from $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 in the coming years.

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