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US Government Confirms Bitcoin Bomb Threat

Crypto coins can be the subject of interesting news from time to time. This new asset class, which continues its path by increasing its adoption day by day, became the subject of an electronic mail with a bomb threat. The US government recently issued a statement confirming this event.
In the case confirmed by the US government, people or individuals whose identity has not been identified yet threaten them by requesting Bitcoin from large organizations. If the e-mail is not fulfilled in the case of suspects, the bomb is said to be activated.

The US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Agency’s National Cyber Security and Communications Integration Center announced on Thursday (December 13th) that they are aware of the e-mails in question. According to the authorities, these e-mails are found all over the world.

Authorities said in a statement on the subject:

In the e-mails mentioned, it is claimed that a device will cause an explosion if the specified ransom is not paid in Bitcoin.

The issue has been widely used in popular media channels in the region. The scammers, who demanded the ransom mentioned in the e-mail, also advise the interested parties: idy I would advise you not to call the police.

The following expressions have been stated in electronic mail:

My man carried a bomb (Hexogen) into the building where your company was. . If you pay, I will withdraw my man. Pay me $ 20,000 with Bitcoin and don’t explode the bomb, don’t try to play games – I guarantee you I’ll withdraw my guy after 3 verifications in the Blockchain network.

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