Virtual counterfeit now after virtual money

Virtual counterfeit now after virtual money
WannaCryptor, while performing destructive cyber attacks, on the other hand began using virtual software to create virtual coins like Feathercoin, Litecoin and Monero

Cybercriminals carry out devastating cyber attacks such as WannaCryptor, which affect the masses on the one hand; One of them is using malware; Produce virtual coins like Feathercoin, Litecoin and Monero. In this phenomenon, which is defined as crypto money mining, ESET, an antivirus software company, found that old and outdated Windows web servers were used to produce Monero currency.

According to the information about Monero (XMR) mining, which is one of the new Bitcoin-like new crypto currencies, cyber attackers produce Monero by infecting malicious software on their servers, which is defined as miner.


Monero is an attractive crypto currency to be produced by malware even though it is so far behind the Bitcoin as its market value. Money transfers cannot be monitored, and unlike other mining activities, there is an algorithm called CryptoNight which does not exhaust server processors and graphical processors.

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