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Volume Burst in 15% Rising Tron

Tron, entering the uptrend trend, is literally bursting with volume.

According to Ethereumworldnews, Tron broke the daily volume record of the last year on May 14, 2019. Tron reached $ 1 billion yesterday (and today equals this figure with $ 2 billion) at the time of our news Tron news with an increase of 15% is trading at $ 0.30 .

Misha Lederman
IAMDecentralized co-founder, dApp evolution consultant and Tron supporter Misha Lederman gave the following tweet:

Tron has exceeded $ 1 billion in 24-hour trading volume. TRX had spent 1 billion dollars on 24 hour trading volume on May 1, 2018 – 1 month before Tron Mainnet was opened 1 year ago! All TRX owners and users are waiting for good times.

Tron Volume
The increase in Tron trading volume did not happen suddenly. On March 6, Tron reached more volume than the total volume of ETH and EOS. On the day in question the volume of TRX was recorded as $ 100 million, while the volume of ETH + EOS was $ 20 million.

Tron’s rivals are also struggling to compete with Tron in other areas. For example, decentralized applications . Tron has managed to outperform its competitors such as Ethereum and EOS in a number of applications such as number of applications, number of users, transaction volume.

On the other hand, it was seen that not only ETH and EOS but also Bitcoin from time to time lagged behind Tron. For example, at the end of October, the volume in the BTC was around 250,000 dollars. Despite this, it is clear that today Tron cannot match the volume with BTC. Today, the daily volume in BTC is over $ 28 billion . Tron’s volume is less than $ 2 billion.

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