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Weiss Ratings: XRP to beat Bitcoin

The rating company, Weiss Ratings, announced that the payment networks, such as XRP , are expected to outperform Bitcoin in the coming years in terms of market capitalization.

Payment networks tend to have a higher value than value stores. Therefore, we expect payment networks such as XRP to pass Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization in the coming years.

According to the latest data, the market capitalization of the XRP is just over $ 15 billion. Bitcoin’s market capitalization is about $ 71 billion. Under these circumstances, the XRP must gain 5 times the value of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, Weiss Ratings said, X So far we have seen two flippening in this crypto-money rally (crossing the other of two competing crypto-currencies in terms of market capitalization): ETH passed the XRP and NEO passed the ETC. Yap We’ll see more as more and more projects are undermined by insignificant projects.

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