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Western Union Plans to Participate in the Crypto

The global remittance company, Western Union, is preparing to join the cryptocurrency and is testing Ripple.

Western Union Asia Pacific General Manager Molly Shea gave an interview to Analyze Asia. She noted that customers expect extreme productivity in the digital age, and that pay platforms must do everything they can to avoid breaking the game. Let’s hear Shea’s words:

Our customers are waiting for a seamless, connected service. It’s not just fast. They use everything they expect to be as fast as other digital applications. Therefore, we must be ahead of this, we must be able to anticipate their expectations, and as the needs and wallets evolve, we must move the money market to that point. We should be there.

If we take crypto coins, we should be ready if they fly. We must be technologically ready. And we have to be ready for regulations, but on the other hand we have to go after those trends that customers look for and be ready to meet those needs and expectations.

Shea further confirmed that Ripple continued to test payment solutions:

We are open to discovering new business opportunities. Especially to us, the things that give our customers more variety. The world of blockchain and crypto money is evolving rapidly and we continue to explore possible applications for our business. For example, we do some pay tests with Ripple for certain corridors. I think it is one of the examples of the USD and Mexican pesos. And we’re really learning possible opportunities. The option we choose should be legally and widely accepted in terms of the use of consumers.

Shea continued her speech by referring to their investment in Digital Currency Group . If Western Union starts using the Ripple infrastructure in payments, the image of crypto coins in the public eye changes completely.

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