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What is BitTorrent Token (BTT)? Where to Buy?

TRON Foundation and the BitTorrent Foundation, as a collaboration between the BitTorrent program and token-based economy will become the building block of BTT was introduced. Working on the existing BitTorrent network is aimed at creating a new value and ecosystem.
The tokens to be used in the BitTorrent network will be TRON-based TRC-10 tokens and will be called BitTorrent (BTT). BitTorrent has about 100 million monthly users. TRON founder Justin Sun stated in his BTT introductory speech that if they manage to bring Blockchain together with the current audience, they will take a big step.

How to use BitTorrent Tokens

Because the applications developed in the BitTorrent network are on a decentralized network, data storage areas can be globally wide. In addition, applications can also use storage space for other users who join the network, so there will be no scaling problems. BTT will be paid as incentives to make these storage areas or processor powers available for use. In addition, value transfer within the network will be provided by BTT, and anyone who joins the network can easily access all developed applications. Part of specific contents can be purchased using BTT. Developers said that the BTT wallet was inserted into the BitTorrent software.

BTT will be a divisible token. According to BTT whitepaper 990 billion BTT will be created. Printed tokens will be shared to users who are installing BitTorrent and veTorrent Classic, to TRX owners, to investors who help start, to TRON and to the BitTorrent team. You can also take a look at our Atlas project news on the possibilities of using BTT in the Atlas project developed with TRON and BitTorrent partnership .

Where to buy BTT

BTT will initially feature Launched Binance ‘s token creation platform Binance . According to the Binance blog, we will soon see BitTorrent at Binance Lauchpad.