What is Coinhive? How is mining done?

It was recently revealed that the famous torrent site Pirate Bay had built virtual money and mining through the browser. This situation had attracted a lot of reaction in the first place, but now seems to be accepted. With the Coinhive plugin from WordPress, this situation will become even more common!

One of the most extraordinary ways of acquiring virtual money was the process of mining through browser . With JavaScript add-ons added to websites, visitors are able to support the mining process during their page navigation.

The plugin, called Coinhive for WordPress, will be able to provide Javascript support for WordPress-based sites. With the Coinhive, Monero can be used for mining. Coinhive will cooperate with Crypto-Loot, MineMyTraffic and JSEcoing. The WordPress plugin is extremely important.

Carl Whalley, the CEO of OTAMate, which publishes a wireless update for smartphones, says the mining process through the browser will be a great gain for websites. Whalley, so that the website that eats up, but the significant revenue door ads may decrease the dependence, he added.

Whalley said that companies such as Google and Facebook also get more than half of their advertising revenue.

According to TechInside, the mining process through the browser has many advantages. The first is the reduced ad impression. If a website obtains sufficient revenue from mining, it may optionally reduce the number of ads on the site. This will also mean a better experience for your site visitor.

Another nice thing is the happiness of people who can be called loyal visitors to contribute to their favorite sites with a little more CPU load instead of the ads they don’t click. This point is your favorite site open on a tab is enough to increase.

How much load will the visitors have on their computers?

Tests for Pirate Bay show that mining operations through the browser do not put serious burdens on systems. While the same browser does not force multiple tabs that are opened through the browser, the mining process with two different browsers is that the CPU usage is not very serious.

The possibility of using multiple websites with the same plug-in in different browsers may increase the system load slightly.




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