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What is Telegram’s Crypto Money Project?

Telegram will complete its development at a longer time than expected.
Previously, Telegram’s Blockchain project Telegram Open Network was almost completed and 70% progress was made. However, a new report showed that the projected completion time is not applicable and the project will take longer to complete.

According to the new report, Telegram’s virtual machine is already on hold to run TVM smart contracts. However, some features of the network are also completed. It is said that the project has not been completed yet. Therefore, the incomplete part can give a better idea of ​​the progress of the project. The most important elements of the incomplete part are Block manipulation library and software related to approvals. On the other hand, developer resources have not yet been launched.

According to the expert opinion published with the last update, the project needs to be developed for at least six months to complete the project in full.

Telegram had collected $ 1.7 billion in private ICO sales. The ICO was only open to selected investors. Telegram is expected to issue a public ICO in the future. According to the comments of Bitmex CEO, in 2019 we can see that most of the Telegram ICO Tokens are listed on the stock exchange.

According to Telegram Open Network’s whitepaper, the platform will be a direct competitor to Ethereum. TON, which will offer smart contracts and decentralized applications, will try to have a place in this field.

The Russian government had waged a full war on Telegram. The government requested permission from Telegram to access the encrypted messages of users; The Telegram team rejected this request to protect the privacy of users. The Russian jurisdiction brought Telegram a ban on it.

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