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What is the amount of Litecoin on the market?

Litecoin.com made statements about the number of Litecoins in circulation.

According to the shares made by Medium and LitecoinBlockHalf, the amount of Litecoin currently on the market has reached 60 million. This figure may be pointing a turning point for crypto money.
When all Litecoins are removed, the market will total 84 million LTC. Therefore, 71.5% of the total amount of LTC has been removed. So there’s 24 million LTC left.

In addition, the Litecoin mining award is known to be split into 840,000 blocks. It is estimated that the next half will take place on August 8 this year. Therefore, we can say that the reward is 208 days from 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC.

Litecoin.com, the official website of Litecoin, also shares the following information about the date of the latest LTC:

The last Litecoin will be issued in 2142 according to the mathematics of the system. At this point, the mining award is estimated to be 0.00000042 LTC.

On the other hand, the biggest bull race in December 2017, the crypto money market, while the creator of the Litecoin, Charlie Lee, warned investors that the value of LTC can be reduced to $ 20. Lee had made this prediction when Litecoin was about $ 300. He even claimed that all the crypto money would drop by about 90%.

Lee’s estimate on 15 December was that Litecoin thought it was up to 23 dollars. It was the same day that Litecoin saw the $ 3,200 in his Bitcoin on the day he saw it.

With them, Litecoin closed the second week of 2019 with approximately $ 32.60. However, as the half of Litecoin’s mining award approaches, an increase in price can be observed.

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