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What is the New Target of North Korean Hackers?

Kwon Seok-Chul, the CEO of a cyber-security firm called Cuvepia, recently made a statement on the security issue of crypto coins. In this statement, he points out that Chul, who has come into contact with a noteworthy point, has identified more than 30 attacks against individual users. The attacks are allegedly organized by North Korean hackers.

According to the news published on a media source called South China Morning Post, hackers are now targeting individual users. The report dated November 29, 2018 includes the statements of Kwon Seok-Chul.

South Korea-based cyber security company Cuvepia North Korea-based attacks are thought to have changed the target reported. According to the company, the aggressors’ new goals may be “any user who invests in crypto money”. More than thirty attacks have been detected recently with these features, the company said that more attacks may have occurred. In fact, the number of attacks could exceed the face said.

”Targeted individuals are standard users with virtual money like Bitcoin (BTC),the report said. North Korea has been accused of many accusations on hackers. It is said that North Korea-based attacks cover 65% of the crypto money that has been stolen up to now.

Simon Choi, the founder of the cyber-war research company IssueMakersLab, made evaluations. Choi cited the fact that stock markets and financial institutions have increased their security systems, citing individual users.

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