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Which Crypto Coins Wallets Will Be Found in the Galaxy S10?

Samsung’s new phone will come with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cosmochain wallets.

Cosmochain (COSM) will be one of the first decentralized applications backed by Galaxy Keystore , according to the Associated Press . The new device from the South Korean smartphone manufacturer is expected to be attracted by the Galaxy S10 followers.

the Cosmocha
Cosmochain, as the name suggests, is a decentralized application for the cosmetics industry. COSM token is rewarded with content created for makeup and skin care. In addition, users can comment on various beauty products on the platform. Cosmochain CEO Howon Song believes that the project will have a big breakthrough in Samsung. Samsung’s crypto money wallet will also include Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Crypto Money Wallets
Crypto money followers will be on the Galaxy Keystore. The news that Galaxy had its own crypto-money wallet first appeared on the 27th of January with visuals that leaked. Galaxy S10 introductions began to take place on the Internet after that day and the details of the phone became clear.

Previously, Samsung’s crypto money and Blockchain’le we can share with you the news about the news. In addition to Samsung, HTC has a Blockchain based smart phone called Exodus 1 . HTC sells its Blockchain-based phone for BTC, ETH and LTC. Exodus with Android system was specially created for decentralized applications (dApps). In addition, Sirin Labs’ Blockchain-based phone named Finney was produced. We can say that phones using decentralized applications and systems will greatly contribute to the development of the crypto-money sector.

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