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Why did the SegWit process suddenly drop in Bitcoin?

Why did the SegWit process suddenly drop in Bitcoin?

In Bitcoin, the SegWit transactions suddenly dropped to the end of October. But what was the reason for this sudden regression.

Blockchain detectives and Lightning supporters may have noticed a significant drop in SegWit blocks near the end of last month. Bitcoin transactions with SegWit technology reached a record level of over 50 percent last month, but the rate started to fall around October 20, down to about 40 percent.

SegWit operations are less costly and faster as they are smaller in size than normal operations.

Users who have noticed this latest situation may have asked the question leri Why did the SegWit transactions that so many people have used before have suddenly regressed?

SegWit operations chart

A Bitcoin newsletter, familiar with the deep technological aspects of Bitcoin, has probably the right theory on the subject: At least one large mining pool accidentally stopped SegWit. The theory suggests that the decline in SegWit operations may be the result of a simple error with the wrong configuration.

Segregated Witness, or SegWit, is a scaling solution led by Peter Wuille, Eric Lombrozo and Johnson Lau. The technology that emerged as a solution to the congestion problem of the Bitcoin network played an important role in large Bitcoin scaling discussions from 2015 to 2017. However, a group of protocols that did not want SegWit believed that the first and most important change should be an increase in the size of the blocks, which eventually led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

During the intervening period of 13-14 months, SegWit operations increased continuously. So much so that at the moment one of the two operations is done with SegWit. As time goes by, it is thought that SegWit will be the norm and will lay the groundwork for newer technologies such as Lightning Network.

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