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Winklevoss brothers claim 5000 Bitcoin defrauded court

Winklevoss twins came up with the claim that they had a right on Facebook for a while. And today’s money is around $ 30 million.

Winklevoss twins, two of the most important investors in the world of crypto money, came up with a new incident. Famous names many years ago, 5000 Bitcoin was admitted to the court for allegedly defrauded.

Detail of the years ago

In 2012, the twins established the Winklevoss Capital Fund (WCF) – a joint venture with Charlie Shrem, known in the crypto-money world. As part of the partnership, Shrem was going to trade Bitcoin on behalf of the fund.


He sent the fund partner $ 250,000 for the job. Shrem bought Bitcoin on behalf of the fund using $ 189,000. However, the remaining 61 thousand dollars by embezzling Bitcoin purchased. At that time this figure was equivalent to 5000 Bitcoin. Then Shrem pulled these crypto coins into his wallet. Now we are talking about a $ 30 million response.

A year later, Cameron Winklevoss sent an e-mail to his partner, asking what the rest of the money was doing, but there was no clear answer. Shremiss Silk Road, a criminal platform named after the process of sending $ 1 million Bitcoin unauthorized crime, and Shrem was sentenced to prison. In 2016, Shrem was released from prison.

It is not known why the Winklevoss twins have waited 5 years to file a lawsuit. Shremors lawyer, on the other hand, claims that his client will clear himself soon after rejecting the allegations.

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