Winklevoss brothers insist on 7 trillion for Bitcoin

The Winklevoss brothers attended Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and answered questions from users.

A question about whether Bitcoin could continue to be the number one cryptocurrency Cameron Winklevoss answered:

Para Bitcoin is definitely a proven crypto money. Its network effects are hard to beat in terms of being a solid money. Bitcoin will probably be the winner in the long run.

In the Reddit session, the Winklevoss brothers also stated that they were as loyal as ever to realize the ETFs .

At another point in the debate, Cameron’s twin brother Tyler said:

Iyi Bitcoin is better than gold at the point of being gold. If we’re right, over time, the market value of Bitcoin will surpass the market value of gold worth $ 7 trillion.

The Winklevosss had previously claimed that Bitcoin would replace the gold and the market value would exceed $ 7 trillion.

On the other hand, a question about the relative importance of Blockchain against crypto coins was answered by Tyler:

Olamaz One cannot exist without the other. A crypto-free Blockchain is like an internet online without AOL (America Online).

Cameron, who also mentioned the long-term potential of the currency and crypto-money exchanges, said:

Par Access to parcels is also very important for crypto coins. However, in the future I think that everything, including nominal money, will turn into crypto money.

Gemini’s founder Winklevoss, one of the most popular crypto money exchanges in the United States , introduced GUSD , a fixed crypto in September . GUSD, backed by US dollars held in a US bank, was released in September 2018 following the approval of the New York Financial Services Department (NYDFS).

Last July, the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) rejected the Bitcoin ETF application by Winklevoss brothers for the second time. The Winklevoss brothers’ first application for Bitcoin ETF was rejected in March 2017.

In explaining this, the SEC pointed out that a significant proportion of Bitcoin trade was taking place in unregulated stock exchanges outside the United States and expressed doubts about low liquidity.

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