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XRP can become base currency in Binance


Biny’s founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao, implied on a Twitter post that the XRP could be listed as the base currency in Binance.

Earlier today the “CZ” also known as Binani of ‘s founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao Binance the possibility of using as a base currency xrp’y hinted that.

The XRP is leaving behind an impressive week. Digital money managed to survive relatively well in this week when Bitcoin was in serious decline. The XRP, which did not lose as much as the other subcoins, became the biggest subcoin , leaving Ethereum’s market value behind .

Digital money, on the other hand, rose more than 10 percent during the day due to the boom of Twitter by Binance’s CEO and Coinbase Custody’s official addition to the XRP despite bad market conditions.

Zhao’s Twitter post came after a good week for the XRP. Indicating that the demands for the XRP to be listed on the platform as base currency such as BTC, BNB, ETH and USDT are strong, Zhao said, Come on, now, and put all your shills under this tweet, let’s see how much we will get. P used expressions.

Weiss Ratings: It makes sense

The demands for adding the XRP as the base currency in Binance have been for a long time. In addition to these demands, rating company Weiss Ratings reported that the XRP is the fastest digital asset to transfer money between the exchanges, and it would make sense for Binance to use it as base currency.

It’s been about 9 hours over CZ’s tweet. So far the tweet received 3985 likes, the 1940 response and the 1710 retweets.

There are some stock exchanges currently listing the XRP as base currency. One of them is the Canadian Crypto Money Exchange CoinField.

Shill: In the world of crypto money, expressions praising any project or crypto money.

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